APA Game

1) Open a blank word document.
2) Go to the following websites and do a reference for each of them.
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1 Response to APA Game

  1. Kazuma Okada says:

    What are the main ideas presented in Rosling’s lecture?According to his presentation, the number of people are rising year and year because of industrial development and changing society. Moreover, there are lots of problem as rising population such as lack of foods, climate change and so on. However it is difficult to control the birth late and rising population. Actually I disagree with his opinion because our society has many problems so that expands of population but the birth rate cannot be controlled. If we control it, it could be violating of human right. I think that we will be able to find a new solution for example to move to other planets like a Mara. Our science is gradually developing so I believe we can solve it. Our history faced a lots of issues but we could overcome mostly. Thus I disagree because it is not too late.
    Taslima Khan is working which is going to other people’s house, especially has a lot of children, and then she talk with mother about the children but this problem is complicated so it is difficult to solve since I described before really difficult to control it. She faces difficult situation but she tries hard.
    Our country is facing on the problem of decreasing birth rate and aging population. I think this is serious because we don’t have enough workers to burden money for children and elder people and the rate of percentage can be risen. It could be dangerous to rise tax before solving the problem since even though we have to work a lot to help them, if it will rise it we might have to work more harder. Therefore to make up the lack of workers, the government decided to allow the foreign countries worker more than before. I believe that this is good approach because we need more worker and there are lot of foreigners desiring to stay other countries. To sum up, our country has this problem but the government approach hardly to solve it.


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